My Obsession Requires Equipment

An observatory is not required but it sure is Nice

Then we need a good instrument

I choose A Meade LX200GPS 10" on a permanent mount
With a Stellarvue 80-9D and a AT66ED piggy backed
as guide/Wide Field Imaging scopes
(I want to be an LX200R 14" when I grow Up)

Now we need to control it

A Dell 9100 In the control room and an old Dell laptop Scope side
Networked and wireless to my Computer in the house

On new moon weekends we go to dark sky sites
We need a field unit to use to view and image with.

My Field Imaging unit is a LXD55 GEM mount on a LX200 Tripod
The OTAs are A Celectron C8 SCT and a AT80 or AT66ED piggy backed
as a guide/Wide Field Imaging scope

My Field Visual Astronomy Scope is an Orion XT12I

And my field setup is shown above.

Ok now we need to do some imaging

I am using A Meade DSI PRO, DSI PRO II and an Canon EOS 350XT

What kind of pictures can you get from your back yard you may ask

These are 3 I took from my Back yard

The Sun with Mercury in transit 93 million miles or
150 million kilometers or 8 Light minutes away

The HorseHead and Flame Nebula 1600 Light years away

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M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy 31,000,000 Light years away

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