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Here are some ideas for the curriculum through Integration of Music Ideas: Margaret Gaber

Try some of these ideas:


Science: Song: ‘The Farmer in the Dell’ and have the students draw pictures of animals that are found on farms and discuss where our food comes from. – Combines art and science Grade level: 1 st – 2 nd.


Math: Song: “This Old Man” Use to integrate a math addition lesson. Grade level: K-1 st.


Language Arts: Use a rhyming song, “Hush Little Baby” to help students recognize words that sound alike. Helps with vocabulary and language development.

Grade level: K-1 st.


History: Song: “Yankee Doodle” and integrate with a lesson on the Revolutionary War. Discuss the history of the song. - Grade level: 1 st – 3rd


Social Science/History “ Michael, Row the Boat Ashore” or “Kum Ba Yah” and integrate with a lesson about the plight of African Americans and their history.

Grade level: 3 rd – 5th


History “We shall overcome” – could be used to teach a history lesson on Civil rights: Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks and their contributions to the cause.

Grade level: 3 rd – 5th


Science: “Sally go ‘Round the Sun” - could integrate with a lesson about how energy comes from the sun and why plants need sun – photosynthesis lesson perhaps.

Grade level: K – 1 st.


By: Margee Gaber